I turn your dream websites into reality

I specialize in designing and developing web experiences and software systems. I don’t restrict myself to one discipline. The blend of design, development, and business is where I feel I excel. Design should translate into economic value for the products/services of your business.

Through research and insight into the audiences your business is serving, I can help to identify the values of your target clients. Then, by developing branded aesthetics and the right marketing strategy, your audience will enjoy the best user experience.

During my career, I have taught myself to code in front-end languages. This allows me to put my marketing vision in place exactly as I have it in my head. I know the possibilities and restrictions of user interfaces and I know how to operate in teams.

how I work

I use The 6 Productivity Principles for WordPress Project Success to effectively manage the plan, communication, and development of the project. These principles are:

  • Define the Job in Detail with a Content First Approach – the larger time portion of the project is typically devoted to learning what you want and gathering the necessary content
  • Get the Right Resources Involved – this will be based on your specific business requirements when we define the job in detail
  • Estimate the Time and Costs Often – to ensure there are no surprises the project will be re-estimated at intervals throughout the project life cycle. Any changes to approved estimates require client approval.
  • Break the Job Down – we break the job down into shorter “chunks” or “sprints” so that any time slippage is immediately identified and mitigated.
  • Establish and Stick To a Change Procedure – we allow you, the client, to control whether changes occur to the requirements, time, or cost.
  • Establish Interim and Final Acceptance Criteria – we clearly define what “done” means before we begin your project.

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